Wizard is a primary spellcasting class for Albion. They have the ability to cast bolts of powerful elemental magic from great distances, which deal heavy amounts of damage when successfully landed. They are also capable of casting damage in a radius around their bodies to ward off enemies and inflict elemental pain in the form of area effect spells. Wizards use elements of nature to damage foes, including fire, ice, and earth.

Wizards are members of The Academy.

Races Edit

Avalonian, Briton, and Half Ogre races may become Wizards. Avalonians are recommended for this class.

Training Edit

Wizards have six lines of magic, three of which are modified by level and the other three by training in them using points gained upon leveling. This class receives 1.0 points per level to train in.

Lines of magic: Fire (Pyromancy), Ice (Liquification), and Earth (Calefaction)

Armor & Weapons Edit

The Wizard, being a spellcaster, is only able to weild a caster's staff and wear cloth armor.

Champion WeaponEdit

Upsilon Wizard Staff

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