Dark Age of Camelot
Version 1.99e Release Notes
General Changes
October 7, 2009


New Things and Bug Fixes

  • Players that have had a damage over time spell cast on them will now be able to target their attacker using the Target Last Attacker hotkey.
  • Spells that increase in damage over time will now properly increase their damage against targets that are within the augmented range, but not the base range, of the spell.
  • A player participating in a duel casting a ground targeted area of effect spell will no longer cause the duel to end.
  • Archery shots will no longer hit targets entering stealth prior to the ability being activated.
  • Vaults 5-8 are now accessible from the Personal Vault Merchants in the housing markets, regardless of whether you currently own a house.
  • We have changed the login client so that it will no longer display Server, Realm or total population numbers since the totals display incorrectly for clustered servers. Player population numbers are still available on the Camelot Herald.
  • The Login Client now filters "Archived" servers from the server selection list.

Class Changes and Fixes

You can no longer use stag form abilities when stunned or mesmerized.

Horrible Disease will now be correctly removed from reanimated characters when the Horrible Monster effect expires.

  • Chamber loading times have been decreased from 10 seconds to 6 seconds.
  • The recast time on chamber unloading has been increased to 10 seconds for all chambers.