The Great Hunt (Midgard)
Vital Quest Stats
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Level: 49
Start Amaravasa
End: Amaravasa
Level: 49
Location: Malmohus
Rewards: xp, 110g
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This can be completed in a Batttlegroup.

To receive this quest you may have to do the following:

  • 1. Make sure you neutral or friendly with Svartalf and speak with Storr, the Dragonbane Svartalf Emissary in Malmohus. Do all of the quests he gives out.
  • 2. Then go into the Svartalf encampment, get the repeatable faction quests (A Letter for Home, The Road to Svarhamr) and the large faction quest Battles in the Mist and do them.
  • 3. Keep doing the repeatable faction quest until you can get the named mob quest Yar the Firstborn - then do that.
  • 4. At this point the Dragonslayer Journeyman should give you The Great Hunt quest.



Defeat the four named adolescent dragons that have taken up residence in Malmohus, and gather body parts as trophies. Return to Amaravasa in Svarhamr when you have done so.


Reward: Adult Dragon Scales

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