Stonecrush Smash (Albion)
Vital Quest Stats
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Level: 47
Start Koz
End: Koz
Level: 47
Location: Dartmoor
Rewards: 5mill xp 110g
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Previous quests Granite Giant Crush


Travel to the Valley South of Koz the Emissary and slay Galand a Granite Giant.

Quest Goal: Slay Galand (20k, 21k)
Quest Goal: Return to Koz (17.6k 8.5k)


This is part of a series of quests given by Koz the Emissary at (17.6k 8.5k) in Dartmoor. The quest asks you to slay Galand a Granite Giant. Once you have the quest look at your map, there should be a red dot around (20k, 21k) he spawns there usually under the high bridge. Return to Koz once you have slayed him.


Reward: 5mill XP and 110g

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