Sorcerer is a primary spellcasting class for Albion. They have the ability to cast powerful damage-over-time spells and utilize the powers of mind control. They have deadly arcane powers in the forms of matter, body, and mind magic. Sorcerers are able to remove enemy mezmerisation effects and use spells to capture certain mobs to produce a pet.

Sorcerers are members of The Academy.

Sorceress is the female modification of the class title.

Races Edit

Avalonian, Briton, Half Ogre, Inconnu, and Saracen races may become Wizards. Inconnu, Avalonian, and Saracen are best suited for this class.

Training Edit

Sorcerers have six lines of magic, three of which are modified by level and the other three by training in them using points gained upon leveling. This class receives 1.0 points per level to train in.

Lines of magic: Telekinesis (Matter), Disorientation (Body), and Domination (Mind)

Armor & Weapons Edit

The Sorcerer, being a spellcaster, is only able to weild a caster's staff and wear cloth armor.

Champion WeaponEdit

Upsilon Sorcerer Staff