Scout Dextera Blade
(Regeneration of Kings)
Scout Dextera Blade Stats
Vital statistics
Realm All
Type Weapon
Level 50
Bonus Level 35
Cost to buy 0
Cost to sell 0


This is one of the Champion weapons you can choose to get if your a scout.

To obtain this you have to be level 50 and have reached Champion Level 5. Once you have done so speak to the king in the throne room then speak to your prof weapon master to choose which weapon you want.

There are 2 versions of this weapon you can get with different magical abilities imbued on it. Regeneration of Kings which is this one, and the Perfectly Balanced version.

Perfectly Balanced - Enchantment that will, when activated, provide a small chance to reduce your opponent's resistance to the type of damage being issued from your weapon, allowing one to potentially do more damage for a brief time.

Regeneration of Kings - Enchantment that will, when activated, regenerate your arcane energies, health and fatigue by approximately one-third over a brief period of time.


Magical Bonuses:

  • ALL melee weapon skills: 4 pts
  • Strength: 12 pts
  • Quickness: 12 pts
  • Bonus to melee damage: 4%
  • Bonus to style damage: 4%
  • Bonus to Strength attribute bonus cap: 8

Magical Ability:

-Function: resistance enhancement
-Enhances the target's resistance to crush/slash/thrust by 5%
-Target: Self
-Casting time: instant
-This spell is active when the item is wielded.

Secondary Magical Ability:

  • Regeneration of Kings
-Function: heal all over time
-Target regenerates hits, endurance and power during the duration of the spell.
-Value: 5%
-Target: Self
-Duration: 30 sec
-Frequency: 5.0 sec
-Casting time: 2.0 sec
-This spell is cast when the item is used.

Damage Modifiers:

  • 16.5 Base DPS (16.2 Clamped DPS)
  • 4.2 Weapon Speed
  • 100% Quality / 100% Condition
  • Damage Type: Slash
  • Effective Damage: 16.2 DPS

-Can use item every: 12:00 min
-Cannot be dropped.
-Cannot be traded to other players.
-Cannot be sold to merchants.
-Cannot be destroyed.

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