Runemaster is a primary spellcasting class for Midgard, known for being a powerfyl direct-damage caster. Runemasters smites foes from great distances with vast amounts of power and wracking pain, firing deadly bolts that fly to the target and impact for heavy damage. They fashion their spells from acient runes, creating spells that allow Runemasters to trap, explode, and smolder enemies on the battlefield.

Runemasters belong to the House of Odin.

Races Edit

Norseman, Kobold, Frostalf, and Dwarf may choose to become a Runemaster. Frostalf and Kobold are popular choices for their casting abilities, but some believe Dwarves and Norseman's high constitution is something to consider as well.

Training Edit

Runemasters have three lines of magic, which are modified by level and by training in them using points gained upon leveling. This class receives 1.0 points per level to train in.

Lines of magic: Darkness, Suppression, and Runecarving

Weapons & Armor Edit

As a spellcaster, Runemasters are limited to cloth armor and staff weapons.

Champion WeaponEdit