Albion is one of Dark Age of Camelot's three playable realms. The realm of Albion is based around Arthurian legends, and is characterized to resemble England. A holy grail is Albion's symbol, and the color red represents it. The City of Camelot is Albion's capitol city.

Albion's capitol city, Camelot

Races Edit

Albion features 7 playable races:

  • Briton: Britons, common people of Camelot, are the quintessential jacks-of-all-trades. They can take on all of Albion's classes.
  • Saracen: The Saracen are highly dextrous and make great choices for aspiring scouts.
  • Avalonian: Another human race, Avalonians differ in that they are more attuned to magic arts and excel as spellcasters.
  • Highlander: Kilt-wearing humans with higher strength, allowing them to become great fighters for Albion.
  • Inconnu: Small creatures dwelling from underground, the Inconnu can be a wise choice for most classes.
  • Half-Ogre: A half-breed between Ogre and Avalonian, resulted in a race with excellent fighter capabilities, who also spellcast decently.
  • Korazh: Albion's minotaur race is sturdy and mostly follows the path of a melee-class with their high strength and constitution.

Classes Edit

Albion features 16 playable classes:

  • Armsman
  • Cabalist
  • Cleric
  • Friar
  • Heretic
  • Infiltrator
  • Mauler
  • Mercenary
  • Minstrel
  • Necromancer
  • Paladin
  • Reaver
  • Scout
  • Sorcerer
  • Theurgist
  • Wizard

Land of Albion Edit

Mainland ZonesEdit

  • Avalon Marsh
    • Towns of Adribard's Retreat and Caer Witrin
    • Portal to Gothwaite Harbor
  • Black Mountains North
    • Snowdonia Keep (border keep)
    • Town of Snowdonia Station
  • Black Mountains South
    • Camelot (capitol city)
    • Tepok's Mine (lvl 17-38 dungeon)
    • Brimstone Caverns (lvl 40-50 dungeon)
    • Towns of Ludlow and Humberton
  • Camelot Hills
    • Camelot (capitol city)
    • Tomb of Mithra (lvl 7-20 dungeon)
    • Darkness Falls (lvl 15-50 RvR dungeon)
    • Sauvage Castle (border keep)
    • Towns of Cotswold and Prydwyn Keep
  • Campacorentin Forest
    • Keltoi Fogou (lvl 15-30 dungeon)
    • Towns of Campacorentin Station, Caer Ulfwych, and the Lethantis Association
  • Constantine's Sound
    • New User experience zone
  • Cornwall
    • Catacombs of Cardova (lvl 25-35 dungeon)
    • Town of Cornwall Station
  • Dartmoor
    • The Labyrinth (LotM lvl 45-50 dungeon)
    • Epic Zone
    • Home of the Albion dragon, Golestandt
  • Llyn Barfog
    • Llyn Barfog Merchants
  • Lyonesse
  • Salisbury Plains
    • Stonehenge Barrows (lvl 30-50 dungeon)
    • Town of West Downs

Shrouded Isles ZonesEdit

  • Aldland
    • Krondon (lvl 50 epic dungeon)
    • Town of Caer Diogel
  • Avalon Isle
    • Avalon City (level 35-50 dungeon)
    • Town of Wearyall Village
  • Caldey
    • Caer Sidi (lvl 50 epic dungeon)
    • Faction town of Little Haven
  • Dales of Devwy
    • Town of Fort Gwyntell
  • Inishail Island
  • Isle of Glass
    • Towns of Caer Gothwaite, Gothwaite Harbor, Anniogel, and Caifelle
    • Portal to Avalon Marsh
  • Plains of Gwyddneau
    • Faction town of Clifton

New Frontier ZonesEdit

  • Forest Sauvage
    • Castle Sauvage (border keep)
    • Castle Excalibur: Scabbard of Excalibur (strength relic)
    • Caer Renaris
  • Snowdonia
    • Snowdonia Fortress (border keep)
    • Castle Myrddin: Merlin's Staff (power relic)
    • Caer Hurbury
  • Pennine Mountains
    • Caer Boldiam
    • Caer Sursbrooke
    • Passage of Conflict (RvR dungeon)
  • Hadrian's Wall
    • Caer Benowyn
    • Caer Berkstead
    • Caer Erasleigh

Frontier Keeps: Caer Renaris, Caer Hurbury, Caer Boldiam, Caer Sursbrooke, Caer Erasleigh, Caer Benowyc, and Caer Berkstead