Muire Tomb
Hib dun muire
Vital statistics
Type Dungeon
Level 8-20
Location Connacht

Muire Tomb is Hibernia's beginner dungeon, offering mobs for characters as low as level 8 until characters are level 20.


The Muire Tomb is the resting place of the Muire family, and several rooms within the dungeon contain named mobs that are members of the deceased family. Many other mobs are mixed into the tomb's hallways, including spiders and mummies.



Muire Tomb can be found near the center of Connacht, in the realm of Hibernia. The northern gate to Tir na Nog and the settlement of Ardee are within short traveling distance of the dungeon's entrance.


Things to attackEdit

  • crypt spider
  • hellhag
  • mummy hag
  • tomb creeper
  • corpse devourer
  • suitor spirit
  • muire lady-in-waiting


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