You can only get this quest around Valentine's Day (February 8th – 21st).

This is a Valentine's Day Weekend only quest.

Albion VersionEdit

  • Speak with Pondar Cully located inside the left building inside the Academy in Camelot at (26.5k, 22.1k)
  • Purchase a Compatriot Crate from Tyne in Camelot at 28.2k, 22.9k
  • Head to the Shrouded Isles: Dales of Dewy zone.
  • Give the crate to Cellia who is located at the top of a tower at 32.9k, 57.6k
  • The tower has several blue-orange con Chaotic Constructs inside and it is possible to aggro more then one.
  • once you have given the crate return to Pondar Cully in Camelot to receive your reward.


Hibernia VersionEdit

Midgard VersionEdit

  • Head to the Temple of the Jotuns in Jordheim at 26.3k, 24k and speak with Lailen to receive this quest.
  • You might have to accept a couple of other quests in order to get to this one.
  • Purchase a Compatriot Crate from Valan at 24.2k, 21.6k in Jordeim
  • Now you need to head to the Gripklosa Mountains in the Shrouded Isles expansion area to give the crate to Celia.
  • Fastest way there is to visit a channeler and say [bjarken].
  • Once you are in Gripklosa Mountains head to the red dot on the map at the very north.
  • Celia is located at 34251, 2755 if you don't see the dot.
  • Approach the redcap Castle from the west side and hug the left wall and you can squeeze through the back of the castle. Be careful though the room to left and to the right contain a couple of redcaps in them.
  • You might have to pull them one by one to clear the room to the right. Celia is located right past the room to the right if you hug the the right wall.
  • The place is crawling with orange to purple con mobs, so you better have brought friends. You will also aggro through walls and deal with respawns. Some of the mobs here can also cast mez and dots along with disease.
  • After you have given Celia the crate head back to Lailen for your reward.