Jewelry Edit

Dark Age of Camelot employs various types of items to help players by adding benefits to their skills, resists, stats, and other enhancements. They come in assorted jewelry items that are given to players for completing quests and for slaying monsters. Each player can wear two bracelets, two rings, a jewelry item, a belt, a necklace, and a cloak. Jewelry pieces wear down as armor does, but they do not require repairs unless they give the player bonuses to their skills. If an item increases a trainable skill, such as a spell line or stealth, then it must be repaired by a player or at a smith if it wears down.

Armor Edit

A player is able to wear six pieces of armor at once; a helmet, vest/robe, leggings, sleeves, boots, and gloves. The armor level (cloth, leather, reinforced, scale, plate) depends on the character's class; casters generally are refined to only cloth, and certain heavy tanks get the high level armor. Armor is gathered through rewards for slaying monsters or completing quests. Trainers give players a special class-specific vest at certain levels.

Weapons Edit

Weapons are probably one of the most useful items to have, as you use them to defeat enemies, therefore gaining experience. There are many different types of weapons, each damage type (commonly slash, crush, or thrust) is special to a certain class of weapon (sword for slash, mace for crush, etc.). Weapons also give statistics and require a certain character class to use, much like armor. Weapon types can be specialized in, and a certain weapon type is required to use certain types of 'styles', which are gained by putting specialization points gained by leveling into the desired weapon type.

Artifacts Edit

Artifacts were introduced with the Trials of Atlantis (ToA) expansion pack. They are very desirable items that are obtained when players complete an encounter with a certain mob who deals with the artifact they are attempting to obtain. After an encounter has been completed, the player must collect scrolls that correspond with the desired artifact. Once a player has the scrolls, they can then combine them into a book to receive their item in return.

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