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Hibernia is one of Dark Age of Camelot's three playable realms. The realm of Hibernia is based around Celtic folklore and legends, and is an enchanted nature-fond realm. A tree is the symbol of Hibernia, and green is its choice color.

Hibernia's capitol city, Tir na Nog

Races Edit

Hibernia features 7 playable races:

  • Celt: As the human race to inhabit Hibernia, Celt has average abilities and does a good job in most classes that it can take on.
  • Firbolg: The largest of Hibernia's races, Firbolg are strong opponents, but with a natural side they also excel at healing.
  • Elf
  • Lurikeen
  • Sylvan: Made of the trees they reside in, Sylvan master nature easily and work well as casters, but with high strength they make avid fighters as well.
  • Shar
  • Graoch: The Hibernian minotaur, Graoch have naturally high constitution and strength, making good fighters for their realm.

Classes Edit

Hibernia features 16 playable classes:

  • Animist
  • Bainshee
  • Bard
  • Blademaster
  • Champion
  • Druid
  • Eldritch
  • Enchanter
  • Hero
  • Mauler
  • Mentalist
  • Nightshade
  • Ranger
  • Warden
  • Valewalker
  • Vampiir

Land of Hibernia Edit

Mainland ZonesEdit

Hibernia's mainland consists of 10 large zones, with a total of 5 dungeons, Darkness Falls and Cave of Crauchan. There are two border keeps guarding Hibernia from the New Frontiers, and a capitol city (Tir na Nog). Several smaller outlying towns are located across Hibernia.

  • Lough Derg
    • Tir na Nog (capitol city)
    • (towns of Mag Mell, Mardagh & Tir na mBeo)
  • Connacht
    • Druim Ligen (border keep)
    • Darkness Falls (dungeon)
    • Cave of Crauchan (epic dungeon)
    • Muire Tomb (lvl 8-20 dungeon)
    • (towns of Ardee & Basar)
  • Cliffs of Moher
    • Koalinth Caverns (lvl 22-28 dungeon)
    • (town of Tir Uphost)
  • Valley of Bri Leith
    • Druim Cain (border keep)
    • Coruscating Mines (lvl 35-50 dungeon)
    • (towns of Caille & Brynach)
  • Silvermine Mountains
    • Spraggon Den (lvl 20-25 dungeon)
    • (towns of Howth & Ardagh)
  • Shannon Estuary
    • (towns of Connla & Ceannai)
  • Lough Gur
    • Treibh Caillte (lvl 30-40 dungeon)
    • (towns of Innis Carthaig & Culraid)
  • Bog of Cullen
    • (towns of Aalinn Bin)
  • Cursed Forest
  • Sheeroe Hills
    • (town of Tailtui)

Shrouded Isles ZonesEdit

  • Domnann
    • (town of Grove of Domnann)
  • Vale of Balor
    • (town of Grove of Aalid Feie)
  • Caillte Garran
    • (town of Droighaid)
  • Vigilant Rock
    • (town of Necht)
  • Cothram Gorge
  • World's End
  • Allta Fearann

New Frontiers ZonesEdit

  • Cruachan Gorge
    • Druim Ligen (border keep)
    • Dun Lamfhota: Lug's Spear of Lightning (strength relic)
  • Mount Collory
    • Druim Cain (border keep)
    • Dun Dagda: Cauldron of Dagda (power relic)
  • Breifine
  • Emain Macha

Frontier Keeps: Dun Ailinne, Dun Scathaig, Dun nGed, Dun da Behn, Dun Bolg, Dun Crauchon, and Dun Crimthain

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