Granite Giant Crush
Vital Quest Stats
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Level: 47-50
Start Koz
End: Koz
Level: 47-50
Location: Dartmoor
Rewards: XP, Gold
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Stonecrush Smash


The Stonecrush Ogres are about to be attacked in valley far to the south. Go there and slay five granite giant outlookers to distract them from their attack.

Quest Goal: Slay 5 Granite Giant Outlookers (20k, 49k)
Quest Goal: Return to Koz


Once you receive the quest head to 20k, 49k in Dartmoor. There should be several granite giant outlookers in the area. They were ranging from orange to purple con at level 50.


Reward: 5,000,000,000 xp, 110g

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