Enyalio's Boots
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Type Boots
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Effects Courage of Enyalio, Speed of Air
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Enyalio's Boots is a level 45 artifact associated with an encounter in Aerus.


Enyalio's Boots may be worn by classes that wear studded armor or above.

Courage of EnyalioEdit

Frustrates the opponent and causes them to miss more often. This ability activates when the item reaches level 5.

Speed of AirEdit

Tis spell is a run speed buff that may be used every 15 minutes. This ability activates when the item reaches level 10.


  • STR or DEX: 15
  • Hit Points: 40
  • STR or DEX Cap: 5
  • DEX or CON Cap: 5
  • Hit Point Cap: 40
  • Body Resist: 5%
  • Armor Factor: 10

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