Animist is a primary spellcasting class for Hibernia, and serves as the realm's pet-spam class. The Animist is skilled with "animiating" plant-life. For example, they have "bomber" pets that are generated, float quickly to their target, and then explode. They also have "turrets", which are stationary pets that cast different damaging spells on any enemy that comes into range. Animists can have several turrets simultaneously, depending on their level.

Animists follow the Path of Affinity.

Races Edit

Only Celt, Firbolg, and Sylvan may choose to become Animists. The recommended choice for this class is the Celt, as Celts have the highest dexterity of these races.

Training Edit

Animists have six lines of magic, three of which are modified by level and the other three by training in them using points gained upon leveling. This class receives 1.0 points per level to train in.

Lines of magic: Arboreal, Creeping, and Verdant

Armor & Weapons Edit

The Animist is limited to using only cloth-type armor and staff weapons.

Champion WeaponEdit

Draiocht Animist Staff