These npcs give out a limit amount of quests you can do around your level.

You can find these NPCs in the following zones:

Level 46-50 QuestsEdit

Tasking in the GloryEdit

  • Report to Taskmaster Trudan outside of Castle Sauvage at 35.3k, 4.9k.

Reward: .3% xp, 16g

The ProgressionEdit

  • Deliver the report to General Muris on the New Frontier side of Snowdonia Keep at 58.2k, 57.4k.

Reward: .3% xp, 16g

Ration DeliveryEdit

Reward: .3% XP, 16g

Krondon AwaitsEdit

  • Goto Krondon and kill 5 Thrawn Ogre Ceorl's
  • Head to Aldland, Krondon entrance is to the north. Getting into the dungeon is a little tricky because getting on the bridge that leads into the castle causes all of the nearby mobs to aggro.

Reward: .3% xp, 16g

Killing the EnemyEdit

  • Kill five enemy realm guards.

Reward: .3% xp, 16g