A Matter of the Heart
Vital Quest Stats
Realm: All
Level: 48
End: Lady Payne
Level: 48
Location: Capital Cities
Rewards: xp, 1p 5g
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You can only get this quest around Valentine's Day (February 8th – 21st).

Find Whitman near the Labyrinth entrances in Agramon, and bring him down. Find Lady Payne near the entrance of Darkness Falls to claim your reward.


Step 1: Get QuestEdit

Speak to the following npc of your realm to start the quest:

  • Albion - Russel in Camelot near the east entrance at (23.9k, 22.8k)
  • Hibernia -
  • Midgard - Russel in Jordheim near north entrance at (23.4k, 27.3k)

Step 2: Kill WhitmanEdit

You are asked to kill Whitman who is located in the frontiers Agramon zone behind the Labyrinth entrances. He cons red at level 50.

He only spawns at one of the locations at a time.

  • Albion side - (55.4k, 52.3k)
  • Hibernia side -
  • Midgard side - (32.4k, 14.5k)

Step 3: Turn in QuestEdit

Lady Payne Location: Is located out front of Darkness Falls entrance.


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